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(Updated 18 June 2012)

The Carpenters’ Encyclopedia (CE 2009) of Carpenters 2009 is an ongoing study that combines Genealogy, the linking of names, with Family History Research, the stories behind the names. Details are dependent on the section of genealogy submitted.

The CE is a long term project that has its roots back in December of 1976 when I sketched out my four generations for my Church. The CE CD 2001 was a collection of what was out there. Today, the CE has grown to include not only different Carpenter lines, but it is heading toward a “One Name” type project that includes Zimmerman and other related names.

The Carpenter’s Encyclopedia of Carpenters 2009 is on DVD data format. The CE has expanded past the English Carpenter study and containing many non-English Carpenters. While this includes the name Zimmerman, you will also see other name variants. Why? Because we are all Carpenter Cousins and this still growing Carpenters’ Encyclopedia of Carpenters is not only for present researchers, but future Carpenter Cousins researchers.
Please explore what is in this DVD.

While the html tour touches the basics, much more is waiting there for you, the reader to explore.

The basic folders in the CE 2009

Books, Articles, Wills & such – covered in the Start.htm tour on the data DVD. (See below also)

Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project – covered in the Start.htm tour.

CE CD 2001 start – a hidden folder with misc info and data for the html tour.

Census Film – see above.

GEDCOM – covered in the Start.htm tour. Use back button to return. (124,000 names in GEDCOM 5.5 format)

Gene Zubrinsky – covered in the Start.htm tour. Gene provides the detailed information on what is known about the two William Carpenter immigrants who came to America in the mid-1600s.

House de Melun – see above. A 1,000 year lineage that traces back to Melun, France.

Logbook – see above. Older genealogy material.

Misc Pics – covered in the Start.htm tour. Many of these pictures are related to the names in the GEDCOM. Many Pictures are referenced by RIN number.

Mz Cortez – covered in the Start.htm tour. Some of the material that was not used in the CE 2009.


THE ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS OF COL. SOLOMON CARPENTER OF GOSHEN, NEW YORK. 1974. (Descendants of Col. Solomon Carpenter (1690-1762) of Goshen, New York) (OCRed and scanned pages)

Calvin Loomis Carpenter, 1808-1886, Middlesex, Yates County, NY to Athens, Calhoun County, MI : fifth child of Robert Carpenter and Phebe McNair ; his ancestors and descendants Carpenter, Elma Wisnieski , published 1999.

Carpenter Connections. By Irma Carpenter Jackson of Annandale, VA - published 1992 by Gateway Press, INC., Baltimore, MD. LOC 92-71300. 555 pages. Copyright 1992. This book covers about 10 generations of Carpenters and Related Family names with good source documentation and has a very good index of names. This book is the record of Jonathan Carpenter of Rutherford , North Carolina and His Descendants.

Carpenter Kinfolks: Descendants of Daniel and Martha (Marlar) Carpenter of old Tishomingo County, Mississippi Carpenter, Terry L. (Terry Lee), published 1976

Carpenters A’Plenty – By Robert C. Carpenter (author contact and misc info only)

De Carpentier Allied Ancestry - Ancestry of Maria De Carpentier wife of Jean Paul Jaquet Vice Director and Chief Magistrate on the South River of New Netherland 1655 – 1657 By Edwin Jaquett Sellers, Philadelphia 1928. De Carpentier Ancestry only.

The Descendants of Timothy Carpenter of Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., New York. By Charles Lorain Carpenter, Rear Admiral U.S.N. - Ret. 1976.


A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE REHOBOTH BRANCH OF THE CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA. Also known as the CARPENTER MEMORIAL. Amos B. Carpenter, 1898 - 900 pages with handwritten corrections!

Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John & Elizabeth Campbell with Brief Biographical Sketches - Edited by a Descendant -1883 – Philadelphia, PA – Preface by E. Boylston Jackson.

A Journey through Carpenter Country - by William S. Carpenter, Thompson, CT, includes index and genealogical charts. (no year given).

History & Genealogy of the CARPENTER FAMILY IN AMERICA - By Daniel Hoogland Carpenter of Maplewood, N. J. 1901. (DHC)

Our Family Tree & its Branches – By Earl Misch, published 1977 (Includes index by author)

Samuel Carpenter and his Descendants - COMPILED BY EDWARD CARPENTER OF PHILADELPHIA AND HIS SON GENERAL LOUIS HENRY CARPENTER U. S. A. 1912. (OCRed and scanned pages)

Zimmerman Encyclopedia Draft – Zimmerman Survey – Zimmerman-Carpenter Family History Research – by Bob Carpenter, draft date 21 May 2008.


Carpenter COAs & related – includes ...

1) Carpenter Coats of Arms - By Terry Lee Carpenter.

2) Carpenter Family History in England, Parts 1-7, by Tony Carpenter.

3) Carpenter COAs & related samples.

Carpenter Family History 2006 – By Elliot R. Carpenter – Old History of the Carpenter Family 910-2006.

THE CARPENTER FAMILY OF ENGLAND AND THE UNITED STATES - By J. Hatton Carpenter, 1925 - From: Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine, Vol. 16 Number 2, April 1925. Page 60-70.

Carpenter Family of Lancaster (PA) by A. Y. Casanova, Philipsburg, Pa. – Zimmerman ancestry. Includes more material.

Henry Cort Harold Carpenter (1875-1940)
New Findings on the Family of Joseph Carpenter Sr. of the Big Bend of Jacksons River, Old Augusta and Botetourt Counties, Virginia - By Raquel M. Sonnenberg & Terry L. Carpenter, 1996.

James M. Carpenter (1832-?), Biographical Record of Champaign County, IL, 1900.

John Carpenter of Boone County, Iowa - Early Carpenter Family of Boone County, Iowa: Memoirs of Civil War compiled by Warren and Helen (Carpenter) Burns. From the TRAIL TALES Number 71 - December 1993 Boone County Historical Society. Larry Adams, Editor. 602 Story St. Boone, Iowa 50036. Used with permission from Charles Irwin, Executive Director of the Boone County Historical Society. PDF format.

John Brock Carpenter 1819-1889

Joseph C. (1798-1866) & Phylinda Carpenter (1802-1853/54) Clark Family History - Story Compiled and Written by Floyd H. and Irene S. Hurst - 1991.

Lord George Carpenter, An account of the Wound, which the late Lord Carpenter received at Brihuega … Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775) STOR (

Lovine Carpenter Ancestry & Pedigree (b. 1792 d. 1821) by Dennis Kent, Riverside, CA.

Nathan Carpenter (1755-1799) - Carpenter Family Record

Richard Carpenter (1729-1788( Pioneer Merchant of British West Florida and the Natchez District of Spanish West Florida by Terry Lee Carpenter 1984 PDF format - RI TLC_NGSQ_72_1_Mar1984

Richard L. Carpenter (1931 Fargo, ND -) – Bio-part 1 – un-published.

Temple S. Carpenter (1822 TN – 1905 MS) – Carpenters – Edited by William R. Price, 2004.

Life History of William Hiram Carpenter (1820-1894) – A Member of the Mormon Battalion. Written by Josephine Carpenter Lawson (1901-1970) (granddaughter).

Wills, Draft reports, Notes, & Miscellaneous material on Carpenters

This includes but is not limited to … Old English Wills, old New England Wills, Carpenter - Medal of Honor, Carpenter - Victoria Cross, USS Carpenter, Carpenter Forts, Carpenter Ghost, Civil War Carpenters, Carpenter - Painters & Artists, Carpenter MIA - Korean War & Vietnam War, and more material.

Please explore the folder, “Books, Articles, Wills & such”.

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