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Genealogical descendant report by Groups follow.

Group 1
Descendants of a John "Jacob Zimmerman" Carpenter-177771

Group 2
Descendants of Richard Carpenter & his son William Carpenter of Providence (RIN 662)

Group 3 Descendants of the William Carpenters of the 1638 Bevis

Group 4 & 38 Descendants of an unknown Zimmerman-222353 likely of Switzerland who came to North America in various emigrations
Group 5 Descendants of Group 5 Zimmermans / Carpenters
Group 6 & 11
Descendants of George Zimmerman-92093
Group 7 Descendants of the VERY SPECULATED Anthony Carpenter (RIN 122905) 
Group 8 Descendants of Jonathan Carpenter-135818 of Still Run, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Group 9 Descendants of Group 9 Zimmermans / Carpenters
Group 10 Descendants of Leslie Loren Carpenter of Decatur, Van Buren, Michigan   Recently Updated

Group 11 See Group 6
Group 12
Descendants of George Carpenter-204498 Born about 1710 of Somerset, England
Group 13
Descendants of an English line of Unknown Origin that went to North Carolina
Group 14
Descendants of Frederick Zimmerman-222935
Group 15 Descendants of Oliver Carpenter-177281 of, Horningsham, Wiltshire, England in England & in North America
Group 16 Descendants of _____ Carpenter & Abigail Jordan (RIN 139391)  

Group 17 DRAFT - Descendants of Pierre Charpentier-220327 of Hermonville, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France in France, Germany & America
Group 18 Pending

Group 19 Descendants of Hans Zimmerman-176302 of, Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland in Europe & in North America

Group 20 Descendants of Nicholas Charpentier-214741
of France and North America

Group 21 
Descendants of a John Carpenter-152988

Group 22 
Descendants of a Johann "John Carpenter" Zimmerman-150839

Group 23 Pending

Group 24
Descendants of Owen Carpenter

Group 25&28
Descendants of Sheriff John Carpenter-91736 & The conundrum of two genetic descendant lines

Group 26 GDPR issue
Group 27 Privacy Request

Group 28 See Group 25

Group 29 Pending
Group 30 Pending

Group 31 Descendants of Michael Zimmerman-194282 of Germany, who came to North America likely in the late 1780s.

Group 32 Pending

Group 33 Pending

Group 34 Descendants of Jacob Carpenter-94705 of England in America & Canada.

Group 35 Pending

Group 36 Pending
Group 37 Pending
Group 38 Pending
Group 39 Pending

Group 40 Descendants of Ephraim Carpenter-150776 of, Charlestown, Cheshire, New Hampshire.

Group 41 Pending

Group 42 Pending

Group UNKNOWN - Descendants of Thomas Carpenter-11692 of Virginia.  Recently updated Y-DNA Testing for 2 descendants completed - They are part of Group 7! See above.

Group X - 1 Oct 2023 NEW       Descendants of John Carpenter-246526

Group 98 - RIN 236559 - 27Oct2023 NEW  Descendants of Jean Pierre "Pierre" Charpentier

Other Groups pending ...
Contact Admin for info!  

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Welcome to the Carpenter Cousins Project

This is the support page for Carpenter Cousins genealogy, family history, research and DNA testing.

The Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project & the Carpenter-1-Name Project, the Carpenters' Encyclopedia of Carpenters, and Carpenter Sketches by Gene Zubrinsky are part of the Carpenter Cousins Project.

The Carpenter Cousins Project is part of the Carpenter global One Name Study. The primary surnames in the project is Carpenter with the variants Carpender, Carpentier, Charpentier and Zimmerman. 

To account for immigrants to North America, who may have anglicized or modified their surnames, the project also includes the surnames Cymerman, Sherbondy, Zimmer, Zimmerman, and Zimmermann. For example, Zimmerman(n) is old German for worker of wood, and in North American, on occasion, the surname was changed to Carpenter or a similar sounding surname.

The Carpenter Cousins Project will grow as members encourage other Carpenters to submit their genealogy, family history and their DNA. There are many Carpenter lines yet to be documented and linked. This includes adoptive lines!

Have you submitted your genealogical lineage to become part of the Carpenter Project? If not, please do so! We welcome documented genealogy, family history and images!

Please note that these web pages are a work in progress. We make additions and corrections continually. Please do not copy this material elsewhere, in whole or in part, since a separate copy will no longer partake of the progress we are making. You may freely link to these pages for reference to the information they contain.

For more information about the Carpenter Cousins Project, or for a genealogical lookup, please contact our project administrator/coordinator:  John R. Carpenter.

Regarding Y-DNA testing

Please Note: We do NOT track Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) or Autosomal DNA (atDNA), 
such as used in the Ancestry DNA test or the FTDNA Family Finder type tests, on our Y-DNA surname Project.

Such DNA tests are not cited or used in the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA (surname) project. We only accept Y-DNA tests for the Y-DNA Project.  Please remember that anyone, including females, may sponsor a Carpenter Cousin brother, father, uncle or male cousin for Y-DNA testing!

For a brief on Y-DNA testing options, please read the Y-DNA Testing Options pdf.

If you are a FTDNA customer with a Y-DNA test, please request to join the Carpenter Cousins Y-DNA Project, please: CLICK HERE.

If you have Y-DNA tested at another DNA testing company, please contact our project administrator/coordinator:
John R. Carpenter for more information.

Regarding ALL OTHER DNA testing

We have the Carpenter-1-Name DNA Project which is for all types of DNA tests, but only at FTDNA. ALL Carpenter females and males are welcome in this project. All types of DNA tests done at FTDNA are accepted. 

Please use the Carpenter-1-Name DNA Project for all types of DNA tests.

Carpenter One Name Study Project

For more information about the Carpenter One Name Study, or how to support the Guild of One Name Studies, please contact our project administrator/coordinator: John R. Carpenter, who is Guild Member No. 8001 for Carpenter (Carpentier, Charpentier & Zimmerman(n) - a USA variant) Registered One Name Study (ONS).

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